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Photoshop Retouching Workshop

I’ll be teaching a Photoshop Retouching workshop at VIVO September 2019

New music podcast: Show Me Your Jams


I started a new podcast called Show Me Your Jams. I wanted to have in-depth discussions with Vancouver-based musicians and composers about how they write music, how they get ideas, and how their songs came to be. The first season will be five episodes, two of which are up now as of this post. In season one I talk to Future Star, Spencer Hargreaves (Jock Tears, The Trolls, Terry Maple), Smithy Ramone (Smithy Ramone, Jock Tears, Wut), Ridley Bishop (Ridley Bishop, The Trolls, rocket 6, Graphic Light), and Robyn Jacob (Only A Visitor).

It’s available on